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Greenfields and a green environment are being cultivated.

A new company with more vision towards health and wealth. “Tissue Culture Teak” wood is known for its excellent properties, versatile nature and eminent utility for its various uses. Diyoo Agro Farms India Pvt. Ltd. Company was established with the objective of generating revenue through innovation and deep learning. The ability of teak to grow in different ecological zones and under different conditions is increasingly recognized, leading to intensive planting and cultivation of this special species in areas of its natural range.

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Looking after the environment.

Globally, “Teak” is one of the most popular types of wood and teak is considered the king of wood due to its natural durability, stability and other wood properties. The price trend of teak indicates that there is a huge demand for teak, which the supply chain cannot adequately meet. In India, teak is traditionally cultivated by the Forest Department following specific management practices on forest land. Over the past few decades, there has been a great interest among farmers in teak cultivation on farm borders and small plots in view of the high price of teak and huge market demand.

International hydroponic cultivation projects.

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