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a new company with more vision towards health and wealth. “Tissue Culture Teak” wood is known for its excellent properties, versatile nature and eminent utility for its various uses. Diyoo Agro Farms India Pvt. Ltd. Company was established with the objective of generating revenue through innovation and deep learning. The ability of teak to grow in different ecological zones and under different conditions is increasingly recognized, leading to intensive planting and cultivation of this special species in areas of its natural range.

Our Services

Tissue Culture Teak- Laboratory To Green House For Hardening
Tissue Culture Teak Plant
In Vitro Propagation
In 9 Years Old Teak Plantation
Teak Tissues Mass Multiplication Inside in Lab
Ready for Plantion
3 Months Growth Of Teak Plantation
6 Month Growth of Teak Plantation
Hybrid Teak Plant
Teak Plant Cuting
1 Year Growth Of Teak Plantation
6 Year Old Of Teak Plants

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